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Testimonial "Last weekend a gang of six of us set up a time call with Classic Cab to take us to a local bar; and G! The driver was there 10 minutes early. The van was clean and very spacious. Ms Karla the driver was super cool and at 2:15 am she was right at the door waiting for us. Next time we’re going out, we are definitely using Classic. We know we'll be in good hands."Caroline

Corporate Charge Accounts

p3Corporate and medical Classic Cab charge accounts are a convenient and efficient way to track your transportation expenses. Our select voucher accounts offer numerous advantages over traditional service. Your account gives you full access to Classic Cab Company and Package Express courier services without the hassle of paying at the end of each trip. Our streamlined billing makes petty cash withdrawals and expense reports a thing of the past. You will receive an itemized, monthly invoice which includes the date and total fare of each voucher used during that billing cycle. You have the option of receiving a paper statement through the mail or a digital statement via email, whichever best suits your needs.

Please fill out the form and Email the  Filled and Signed APPLICATION to or fax to (336) 724-1373.


Depending on the type of account, We will send you a supply of vouchers along with user instructions when the account is setup.