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Testimonial "I've been hearing a lot about the popularĀ Uber app and decided to finally try it out. I used it last Saturday thinking it would be easier and faster than the taxi alternative here in Winston. But to my surprise I was very disappointed!! When the driver showed up, the car was filthy and a car seat was strapped in the back. After my friends and I crammed in, the driver actually had to make a stop to get gas. Who does that?!? Yes we made it downtown eventually, but it was definitely not worth the hassle. Back to the silver and black!"Lauren D.

Lost & Found

Uploaded 2-17-14 178Classic Cab Company complies with local, state and federal laws.

  • The customer agrees and assures that no illegal drugs are being transported in our vehicles.
  • No open alcoholic beverages allowed on board, the vehicle passenger capacity is not to be exceeded.

Classic Cab Company is not liable for any personal or material damage stemming from negligence or misconduct of customer. In case of spills in the vehicle, a cleanup cost will be assessed accordingly.

Classic Cab Company will not be held liable for delays due to unforeseen factors such as inclement weather, mechanical problems etc.

Each year Classic Cab Company of Winston-Salem logs thousands of lost items that were left accidentally in our taxis. Our goal is to return misplaced belongings to their rightful owners. Lost and found items turned in by an independent contractor or by a passenger are logged in on a daily basis during the week (Monday through Friday). If you are trying to locate a lost item please call our Lost and Found Department at (336) 724-7433. To help expedite the recovery or your lost item please have the following information available or fill out the form below.

After thirty days any unclaimed items and their contents will be donated to a local charity of our choosing.



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